Gold Phone Ring Holder


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Phone Ring Holder:  
It provides a comfortable, safe and secure grip for users with a size that fits the fingers of most US men and women . The plate is thin, only 6.1 mm and will not cause a burden for users. The ring can rotate 360 degree and swivel 180 degree. Our company provides various colors of the Ring; customers can choose the one they want. 

Technical Adhesive:  
The Ring can be applied and removed anytime without leaving any residue on the user’s devices. It can be reused by washing the adhesive gel pad with clean water more than 100 times without reducing adhesiveness. Additionally, it is capable of holding up to 15lbs so that users can apply it to both phones and tablets. 

Universal Application: 
The Ring holder can prevent the user’s devices from dropping while they are operating them, such as, reading the news, checking messages and taking selfies. It also allows easy one-handed operation. Our flexible ring holder can rotate 360 degree, so users can use it as a kickstand. 

Free Hook-mount:  
The mount couples with the Ring to provide a new way of in-car use. Users attach the mount on a flat surface within their car and then hook their Ring onto it. In this way, users can conveniently use their phone for navigation.

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